1. Am I able to buy spare parts afterwards?
Yes, you can purchase all single parts out of our current product range, We ask that you do so from the dealer purchased from if this is not us please contact them directly. 

2. How long is the warranty?
Warranty guarantees are as per the manufacturers terms. The statutory warranted buyers rights will remain unaffected and as follows. If not for individual products we offer a longer warranty according to the following applies to New goods. Any sales person can reject a warranty claim. The warranty is excluded at the following situation: Goods which have been changed, Damaged or worked on, or where defects have been fixed without the agreement of the seller. Except when the customer is able to prove that the defect was not caused by that. When the goods have been installed outside of a authorised service centre, except when the customer can prove that the defect was not caused by the installation.

3. Complaint
If you have a complaint with a product purchased from us, please let us know via our contact page using the form, this will speed up the process.

4. What are coilovers?
Coilovers are suspension struts that offer height adjustment that lower the level of your car (ground clearance). Through their progressive spring rate, your car receives a more sporty ride. It drives more track faithful, the handling is more agile and also the appearance increases.

5. Will there be a wheel clearance after the lowering?
We as manufacturer check the *clearance* of the tyre equipment always with the original tyres. If you have built in a different wheel-tire-combination, we are not able to inform you about the tyre clearance. If there is not enough tyre clearance, you will have to make sure to get it for example thru beading or fender extension.

6. Which top mounts are needed to install?
Standard top mounts are used unless otherwise stated.

7. Do i have to maintain my sport suspension or coilovers?
No, the galvanised  suspension are absolutely maintenance free. The dampers are protected from the elements by their seal package and dust protection system.

8. What about the winter? Do i have to extra seal the suspension kit?
Due to the high quality components, galvanised steel struts and multiple sealing, this is not necessary. But after the winter, it is advisable to clean the thread for an easy setting of the desired lowering. To clean the suspension from all the salt and dirt, it is recommended to use a damp cloth. Sometimes it already helps to dip a brush in lukewarm water with soap and to clean the strut. At heavy dirt, clean with a brush. It‘s best to take to a wheel cleaning brush. Please do not use a wire brush! You could spray the thread afterwards with a metal care product.