What Is The Warranty On Stance Plus Coilovers?

Stance plus offer a 2 year warranty on the Street and Ultra coilover suspension kits as standard. All products are to be free from manufacturing defect for a minimum of 12 months except coilover kits which are covered for 24 months from the date of purchase.


All Stance+ warranties are non-transferable.

Warranty Requirements

To benefit from the Stance+ warranty all products should be:

1) Correctly fitted by a qualified person with a recognised motor industry training certificate (NVQ, City & Guilds etc)
2) Fitted in accordance with the product design
3) Maintained regularly to prevent seizure and premature wear
4) Only used under normal road traffic conditions
What is not covered?
Stance+ products are covered against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover any product damage or failure as a result of:

1) Incorrect installation procedures such as gripping of coilover piston rods
2) Stripped threads or crossed threads from over-tightening or use of buzz guns/impact drills
3) Any physical damage as a result of over-tightening bolts
4) Seizures due to a lack of maintenance
5) Damage as a result of a sudden impact or accidents
6) Normal wear and tear
The warranty does not cover any postage costs, labour charges or other consequential damage/loss that may be incurred as a result of a warranty claim.

Warranty Advice

Only use a trusted garage to install your Stance+ products and ensure the garage has the correct tools required to fit your items. Whilst incredibly rare, warranty claims are inevitable however most claims that we see are due to incorrect installation procedures or neglect.

If your damper or strut is leaking then it is highly likely that the installer has gripped the piston rods during installation. This generally causes issues within weeks/months depending on the severity and location of the gripping. Installers do this to speed up installation time or simply due to not having the proper tools or knowledge.

This piston damage tears at the oil seals whilst at the same time allows the oil to bypass the seals which eventually leads to a lack of oil within the damper, a lack of damping and subsequent knocking/rattles.

Making a Warranty Claim

All warranty claims should be submitted through your purchasing dealer with photo/video evidence of the fault and your proof of purchase. All parts subject to a warranty claim must then be inspected by Stance+ or the relevant dealer.

If your vehicle cannot be off the road, new parts/components can be purchased up front through your dealer (subject to stock). Once fitted, faulty parts can then be returned for a warranty inspection. The cost of the replacement parts will only be refunded subject to the faulty parts passing a warranty inspection.