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The BC Racing Coilover Range


  • BC BR Series (Most Popular - Street and Circuit)
  • BC RM Series (Inverted Monotube - Serious Trackday Coilovers)
  • BC ER Series (External Reservoir, 2 way adjustable Kits - tarmac Motorsport)

Features of BC Racing Coilover Suspension Kits

BR and V1 Series

These kits are aimed at the road and track day market and us large 44-46mm pistons in 50-53mm damper bodies. These large diameter dampers in the BC BR Series coilover kits are designed to maximise oil capacity to keep the damper oil cool for consistent high performance damping.

RM Series

These kits are aimed at the serious track day market and use the 46mm piston in a 53mm body for maximum oil capacity. The RM Series also feature inverted dampers at the front and rear (rear is dependant upon model). The inverted damper moves the oil and gas cel away from the breaks (high heat source) to keep the damper oil cooler during motorsport conditions for consistent performance. Inverting the damper also reduces unsprung weight and helps the damper react more quickly to road surface changes improving grip and traction.

ER Series

These kits are aimed at the tarmac motorsport market and feature external oil reservoirs on all four dampers. The extra oil capacity keeps the dampers cooler still for consistent high performance through out a race. It also allows BC Racing to add an extra damping adjuster to the system to separate compression and rebound damping adjustments.

Features Common to all BC Racing Coilover Kits

Ride Height Adjustment

The ride height on a BC Coilover kit is adjusted using the coilover lower mount rather than the lower spring mounting ring. This is useful for a street driven car because you still retain full damper travel even at the lowest ride heights maintaining ride comfort.

Corner weight Adjustment

As the ride height is adjusted using the coilover bottom mount, the lower spring platform in a BC Coilover kit is used in one of two ways. A factory set preload is applied to spring platform and can be left alone for street use.

However, the spring platform is adjustable on the threads and hence can be used to set up corner weighting. This is a process (usually undertaken by professional alignment companies) that allows you to achieve perfect weight balance across the car for increased tyre efficiency hence improving grip and traction.

Damping Adjustment

All BC Racing coilovers feature 30 way damping adjustment. In the BR and RM Series, this adjustment combines both rebound and compression in one adjuster for simplicity and ease of use, whereas in the ER Series, rebound and compression are adjusted separately.

Damper adjustments are made to fine tune the vehicle handling characteristics. By making adjustments at the front relative to the rear damping (and vice versa) you can adjust the way the car handles. For example, stiffening the rear dampers relative to the front begins to set up the car towards oversteer. Perfect for reducing inherent front wheel driver understeer, allowing the rear to break away easier for drifting and allowing weight to move forward to hook up a front wheel drive drag car.

If the car suffers from oversteer in its natural state, softening the rear damping relative to the front will reduce this. Drag racing a rear wheel drive car, softening the rear will allow the rear end to squat and grip, hooking up the tyres, reducing wheelspin and adding traction for faster launches!

In the BC Racing ER Series coilovers, by separating compression and rebound damping, you can take things a stage further for example, whilst approaching a corner and braking hard before turn in the cars weight is transferred over the front tyres increasing grip for braking. As you lift off the brake pedal the nose of the car can snap back up transferring weight away from the front tyres which will then reduce grip for braking and turning into the corner which can induce the dreaded understeer! By altering the rebound damping you can slow the cars suspension rise as you come off the brakes, keeping the weight over the front tyres, increasing grip which then allows you to brake later and trail brake into the corner with added grip and no understeer. This allows you to get back on the power sooner and maximise the corner exit speed and hence you will be traveling faster down the next straight and enjoying quicker lap times.

Camber Adjustable Top Plates

Where these are supplied in a BC Racing Coilover kit (usually for cars equipped with MacPherson strut suspension and large enough turrets to accommodate the plate), they allow camber to be dialled in to suit your needs be it road, track or drift.


*If kits are not in stock they have a 9-12 working day lead time for delivery. 

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